In an area as wet as ours in Vancouver, you’ll want to keep your perimeter drains clean so rain water can run-off into the sewers freely.

We have been cleaning, fixing and installing perimeter drainage systems in the lower mainland since 1998 and have the experience to take care of your exterior drainage needs with expert precision, friendly employees and fair pricing. You can count on us to flush existing drain tile or replace old drain tile that has collapsed.

The perimeter drainage system around your home is a vital sewer / drain tile component that protects your home from water damage. When your perimeter drain tile breaks down, water builds up around the foundation. Water is heavy and can damage foundation walls, creating cracks, leaking and water ingress.

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The following video is a good example of how hydro flushing works to clear difficult drain blockages, be it for your home or business.

Drain Tile Cleaning Vancouver BC – Perimeter Drain Services

Vancouver Drainage

When it comes to the perimeter drainage on your property it is important that the slope in your yard assists the perimeter drain tile with water flow around the structure and away from the foundation. No matter what type of perimeter drainage system you have on your property, it needs to be free and clear of debris so rain water can flow to the sewer. In some cases tree roots will break through the drain tile wall causing it to clog. There are a few remedies for roots clogging a drain pipe, but leaving it alone (based on budget) will not solve anything, rather it will only make maters worse.

In any case where there is any question about the sewer drains coming from your home, call us for a professional assessment. Most times it can be cleared with power hydro jetting, or what some people refer to as a reverse flush. Drain tile cleaning is an inexpensive residential option that should be done every three to five years.

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Regular office hours are 8:00 – 4:00 for daytime calls and 24 hour answering service for any emergency plumbing issue. If you have any type of weeping tile or french drain problem inside or out call right now.

Clogged drains will cause water levels to rise around the house which adds pressure to the foundation walls. The weight of excess water will crack cement and break through cinder blocks. Cracked foundation walls lead to serious problems if not addressed in time.

Clogged Drain Problems

Drainage problems develop over time and tend to creep up on you. If you notice any sign of a cracked foundation or discover a damp or wet basement it means you have a problem.

The first thing we do is inspect for blockages and flush the drains and improve water flow. Every property is different so it’s important someone with experience visits your home to look things over and show you what’s going on.

Gravity Controls Water Flow

All drains must flow freely and lead to the sewer or a run off system of some kind. You want to make sure water is flowing in the right direction from every area on your property.

Water damage in your home can cause health issues, lower the value of your home and lead to expensive repair bills. If you suspect there is a drainage problem of any kind on your property, have it looked at by qualified drainage contractors.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Clogged drain pipeDrain tile will plug up with dirt and debris, and many times roots will invade over time. When roots begin plugging the house drains you might notice your sink does not empty as fast as usual. If the toilet has overflowed or come close to overflowing that may be a sign that your drains need to be cleared. When roots get as bad as seen in this picture on the left, you need a professional.

If your drain pipe (or French drain, perimeter drain, weeping tile etc.) needs a power flush we have the tools and experience for that. If you leave this type of problem too long it can cause cracks in the foundation which will lead to a worsening condition. If it has come to that, you are looking at foundation or drain tile repair, which we also handle of course. Your better option is to maintain the drain tile by power flushing the perimeter drains on occasion. Here are a few City of Vancouver repair tips regarding local plumbers and how to find one you would like to hire.

If the drain has collapsed it will need to be replaced. We are experienced drain tile installers, completely up to date on the latest materials for longest life span. Our experienced drain tile installation team will remove the old pipes and replace them as quickly as possible.

Rooter Machine

If we catch root invasion in time we use a rooter machine to clear it out. The machine does a great job of clearing the lines and opens things up for a few seasons before roots creep back in again. Once you know you have a root problem you can schedule maintenance every few years and keep your drains ship-shape for a long time.

Sump Pumps

There are many sump pumps on the market so (if you need one) the trick is to find the best fit for the situation. Researching the market brings up a lot of advertisers, so we find it best to recommend brands we are familiar with. When in your home we are best able to recommend a suitable sump pump after assessing the situation.