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Posted on: October 27, 2016 by in GVRD
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Port Coquitlam residents have been relying on Expert Services Drain and Sewer for more than two decades. They have come to appreciate the friendly and professional attitudes of our technicians and know they can count on us to get it right the first time, and not overcharge.

Drainage & Plumbing Service Port Coquitlam

If you own a home or business in PoCo, our team is here to help you. We can have one of our Port Coquitlam plumbers sent to your home by appointment. We also provide complete drain tile installation in new construction and for renovations. We are specialists in drain repair as well as installation of perimeter drainage. From furnace tune-ups and boiler service to institutional heating maintenance, our Port Coquitlam plumbers cover it all.

Why “Port” in the Name?

It’s common today for folks to wonder why it’s called Port Coquitlam, when the city doesn’t seem to have any shipping facilities. But, yes, Port Coquitlam was once an actual port. Located where the Pitt and Fraser Rivers meet, PoCo was a minor port in the early 20th century, when Canadian Pacific Railways moved its freight center there from Vancouver. Investors at the time envisioned Port Coquitlam becoming a major port to support the many British Columbia gold rushes, but the growth they expected never occurred.


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