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Posted on: October 27, 2016 by in GVRD
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It’s just a few minutes from our head office in Vancouver, over to Richmond, but the fact is our technicians are in Richmond on a daily basis anyway for drain cleaning and sewer work.

From East Richmond to Steveston Village, the residents in Richmond know they can rely on us for their heating and plumbing needs. There is a mix of new and older homes in the area and we find many times we need to bring old furnace units up to code. For instance, we seem to be installing new vent pipes on some old hot water tank quite often when they need to be replaced.

Full Perimeter Drain Services in Richmond

Our team of friendly Richmond plumbers and technicians can take care of things like a clogged drain, or more complicated jobs like installing new drain tile in a new home. We can fix or repair anything you would expect from a professional plumber. You will be given an estimate before starting work and we will leave your home or business clean and tidy after we are done. With our work guarantee, you can count on peace of mind.

What’s Unique in Richmond

Being built on land reclaimed from the sea, basements are extremely rare in Richmond homes because the ground is typically saturated with water most of the year. Even the warmest summers only dry out the top layer of soil. Comprised of 14 islands, Richmond has the highest percentage of immigrants of any Canadian city, at over 60%, adding to the diverse nature of British Columbia’s beautiful Lower Mainland area.


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