What to do With a French Drain

Our drain tile services range from cleaning and repair to replacing clogged or broken drain pipe as well as new perimeter drain installation and sewer connections.

If you have a leaky basement or water pooling in your yard somewhere there is a possibility the perimeter drains are clogged with dirt or roots and need to be inspected. Regular drain tile cleaning is required for proper drainage and to protect your homes foundation.

French Drains

If you are thinking of installing a French drain then here are a few pointers to help give you an idea what’s involved. Your objective is to have water flow around your home and into the sewers so it does not form pools in the yard or at the foundation wall.

First thing is to dig a trench around the house at the appropriate distance, and set the slope to drain into the sewer line. When placing the drain pipe in the trench the holes point downward. There are two reasons for ensuring the drain pipe holes are pointing down.

  1. So the least amount of dirt enters the pipe
  2. The water flows through the pipe with minimal resistance

Watch This Video for an Explanation

The last part of installing a French drain is to add your gravel to the trench and then cover with soil and grass. This is a very simplified look at a rather complicated job. We left out most of the detail in this short article because you are best advised to consult a professional for perimeter drain installation. Making a mistake can be very costly, possibly cause serious damage to your home’s foundation and basement.

French drain is also known as drain tile, weeping tile, perimeter drain and other references. The function of this system is to move water away from the home and keep your foundation as dry as possible, so there is no water pressure on it, which could cause the foundation wall to crack and buckle, leading to water ingress.

When considering a plumbing problem like this call us for advice. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate and discuss everything involved. Unless you have a background in this field we do not recommend adding this to your honey do list. Let us handle it for you.


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