Root Removal

When drains plug up with roots a good solution is to use a rooter machine to remove the intrusion. This method has been used for years as a low cost way to clear the perimeter drainage of roots and other stuff that ends up there.

Drain Cleaning Equipment

We carry power tools with us and can respond to a clogged drain within a day in most cases. If you are experiencing a wet basement right now and need immediate help we will drop everything and come right over. In most emergency cases we have the closest technician drop what he is doing and rush over to your place to look at your drain tile or whatever is causing the problem.

If the issue is not pressing we usually book time the same day or next day. Root intrusion is a common problem when it comes to a backed up drain, because it’s one of those things we tend to forget about until something goes wrong. When that happens we are first responders, especially in an emergency. Solving emergency plumbing problems is the core of our service. Call us for immediate help!

How a Root Cutting Machine Works

This type of root cutting tool is made by a number of manufacturers, best handled by someone with experience.

Typical Root Cutter

root cutting machineWe use a heavy duty root cutting machine capable of cutting difficult roots out of a drain pipe without the need to dig anything up. You could rent a similar machine and do it yourself, but there is some danger involved for an amateur and the work can get dirty. For the best solution to root invasion call one of our guys to take care of it for you. If problems like this are neglected it can affect the basement leaving the expense of foundation repair as your only solution.

Sometimes there are other obstructions in the drain pipe other than just roots. Toys and small objects can get stuck in awkward positions in the drain pipes and cause a dam. In many cases we will use a sewer inspection camera to find the problem. The camera will find the blockage and let us know exactly what we are up against. In rare cases the yard needs to be dug up, but looking at it with a drain camera before hand tells us exactly where to dig, causing the least damage to your yard and reducing expenses.


More About Root Removal