Sewer Line Cleaning and Repair

When the sewer backs up it makes a serious mess and comes with a horrible stench to add insult to injury. It can cause the toilet to overflow, turn your yard into a cesspool and even flood the basement with the back pressure.

Blocked Sewer Issues

You would think this is a problem the city of Vancouver will take care of, but not necessarily. You are responsible for everything up to the city main, so if the sewer plugs on the way from your house to the main then they will tell you it is yours to deal with.

As a homeowner this is one of the worst drainage problems to be faced with and we understand completely. When we get calls like this we hear the stress, so in emergency situations like this we drop everything and rush over to help.

The closest employee we have in the field will be instructed to drop what he is doing and go straight away over to your place. We jump into action when there is a sewer related plumbing emergency.

We help Vancouver families through stressful plumbing situations and put things back together for you as quick as possible so you can carry on with your routine.

weeping tileThis is a picture of a sewer connection done correctly, dug down to the proper depth. You can see where the gravel will eventually cover the pipe and once the connection is completed they will fill in the trench and dampen it down.

Dirty Jobs Best Left To A Pro

One thing we like to mention is that our team has been trained with the latest techniques, is fully aware of what is underground, we have proper WCB coverage and liability insurance in case anything happens. We carry the right equipment and have decades of experience dealing with dirty jobs like a backed up sewer. So if you want need a dirty job like this fixed up we are the people do get the job done.


Sewer Nightmare

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