Sump Pump Service & Installation

If you need a sump pump because yours has stopped working then a little research will tell you what’s on the market and whether or not you need a new one. There are a number of reasons a sump pumps fails, so knowing the volume of water being moved and type of pump you have will be helpful.

If a situation like this is not dealt with quickly, a minor wet basement can turn into a serious problem. We can determine if things have changed in your home regarding how much water is being pumped out each month and whether or not you need an upgrade.

In many cases we are just replacing a worn out pump, but of course you want to be sure. Here is a helpful video showing how to install a sump pump yourself.

How To Install a Sump Pump

Using a jackhammer is hard work! Mixing cement along with cutting holes in the wall, installing pipe and everything else related to installation can be exhausting. Then there is figuring out how sturdy the sump pump unit needs to be. You don’t want to find out the hard way that it couldn’t handle the volume of water in a downpour, and you really don’t want to replace it just because there was a miscalculation in the capacity. We would like to stress that if things get out of hand and the water flow is not kept under control, foundation repair may be required.

Sump Pump Cut Away

sump pump

Once a good pump is in place it should be able to handle any serious rain fall or spring run off that could happen in your vicinity. If your property has a high water table that will come into consideration when calculating what type of pump will be needed to handle the volume of water.

We like to study the lay of the land before we go ahead and install something as labor intensive as this. You need to know how much water volume there will be to deal with at peak times. You also want to have a good understanding of the different types of sump pumps on the market, if a heavy duty version is needed or if you can get away with a less costly unit.

We have been dealing with residential water flow issues for decades now and will advise you on the best unit for your home based on need. Call today and have one of our technicians come over and review the volume of water and capacity of pump needed. We will be happy to give you a recommendation and install a new unit for you.



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